If you are contemplating remodeling your bathroom, take a few minutes to read this blog before you consider tackling the project yourself. A bathroom remodel can be a surprisingly tricky and involved process. We have put together some of the primary reasons to sit back and hire a pro for your Milwaukee bathroom remodel. 

Professional Contractors & Subcontractors Have The Skills

When you hire a professional contractor to oversee your bathroom remodel, you are paying for their skills and equipment and the skills and equipment of all of their subcontractors. You will not have to worry about what you are capable of doing or where to rent equipment from. Instead, you can leave all those concerns in the hands of your contractor and their subcontractors. 

Compass Construction & Remodeling is a great example of a full-service remodeling company that is ready for any bathroom remodeling project you can imagine. Not only will we fully manage your project and ensure it plays out smoothly but we can also help you with the initial design. We even offer design consultations to get your bathroom remodeling started. 

As we seek to accommodate each client’s individual needs and expectations, our bathroom remodeling services are flexible. These services include things like floor installation, shower and bathtub remodeling, cabinet and vanity replacement, and even full bathroom rebuilds that include repair and replacement of all electrical and plumbing. 

Your Bathroom Remodel Will Likely Get Done Faster

It is generally noted that, when it comes to a bathroom or other type of home remodel, DIYing will take more time than hiring a professional to do the job. Other than the advantages professionals bring in the form of skills, experience, and tools, they can also simply devote more time per day and per week to the project to propel it to completion. Whereas you may only be able to dedicate an hour or two after work and time on the weekends, the pros can devote their entire workdays to the project. That amount of time can mean the difference between a remodel taking months versus just a couple of weeks. 

Additionally, be sure to consider the context of your bathroom remodels. For example, is this the only bathroom in your house? If so, you will want to prepare for the disruption and discuss the timeline and bathroom fixture “downtime” to ensure you will not be without a toilet or shower for an extended period of time. A professional contractor is much more equipped to ensure a deadline than you may be able to if anything unexpected occurs during the remodeling process.  

Protect Your Bathroom Remodel Investment 

As we have discussed elsewhere in our blogs, a bathroom remodel can raise the value of your home significantly. In fact, bathroom remodels have an average return on investment of over 60% and provide the best opportunity for a significant ROI of any home remodeling project. 

With those numbers in mind, it is important to seek professionals who can ensure you see the fruits of your investment. Undertaking a project that has the potential to raise your home’s value should not be taken lightly as there are myriad opportunities for mishaps, particularly when it comes to activities like replacing bathroom fixtures and handling plumbing. A major issue that comes with any DIY home remodeling project is the potential for improperly dumping materials into your home’s plumbing system. The professionals at Compass Construction & Remodeling will properly dispose of all renovation debris, leaving everything – including plumbing – in a pristine and highly functional state.  

Contact Compass Construction & Remodeling for Your Milwaukee Bathroom Remodel

Are you ready to discuss possible designs for your dream bathroom remodel? The professionals at Compass Construction & Remodeling are happy to discuss with you, offer suggestions, or take the reins in terms of design. But first, let’s start with a free consultation to determine how we can give you the Milwaukee bathroom remodel you want. Then, sit back and relax while we do the work!