My wife and I hired Compass Construction to wrap all of our fascia boards, replace our soffits and install new gutters on our house. Customer service was great from pre-construction all the way to post-construction. The Compass Construction team was always easy to get ahold of when questions arose and their onsite crews were very professional. I would highly recommend Compass Construction for your next home remodel.
David B.

My husband and I hired Compass to coordinate work on our basement stairs. They needed reinforcing to stop the treads from slipping. Compass came out to assess the project and gave us a quote. They then arranged the rest of the project with our timeframe and needs in mind. Work was completed within just a few hours and the workers were very friendly and gracious and did outstanding work. The stairs feel brand new and incredibly well secured. We’ll definitely go to Compass for our next home project.
Claire E

The stairs that lead to our basement are more than likely the original set from the 50s. They were falling apart and were increasingly less safe to walk down. Brett and William came out to inspect the staircase. My wife and I originally thought we might need to replace the entire staircase, but they suggested a reinforcement (so we could keep the original wood). The carpenters arrived on time and got the job done ahead of schedule (also at a much lower rate than the initial quote). Can’t recommend this company enough. Kind, professional, and quick. I will turn to them again for my next project!
Andrew C

I worked with Brett and William with Compass Construction and could not be more pleased with my finished kitchen. Brett and William were very easy to work with, they understood my budget and were able to work within that, making suggestions and offering advice along the way. From start to finish, the process was smooth, I was always kept in the loop, information was passed along quickly and efficiently, and the end product is just fabulous. I could not have asked for anything better, simply a pleasure to work with. I had thought this would be such a huge undertaking, which it was – as all kitchen remodels are, but working with Compass really streamlined the process and made it a reality!
Jenny W

Working with Compass Construction on the extensive remodel of one of my downtown MKE rental units was a fantastic experience! The knowledge and experience that they provided throughout the duration of my project was invaluable – I look forward to working with Compass again knowing that they will be able to single-handedly help me ensure my next project’s success!!
Patrick F

I had wanted to install a concrete paver patio and had bought most of the materials. I realized it was getting cold/ran out of time. Issues I ran into doing the project myself would be how to get extra debris offsite, the additional equipment and the man hours. The work was done in quickly and the finished product was excellent. I look forward to spending time out on the patio. I would highly recommend them and look forward to working with them in the future.
Mike L