If you’re thinking about a kitchen remodel for your Milwaukee home, you might find yourself overwhelmed with all you have to consider. From color schemes to farmhouse sinks to installing additional outlets, it is important to not get lost in the weeds and start your project with some basic considerations. Here is what you need to know about Milwaukee kitchen remodeling and how we can help!

Important Considerations & Factors

Your Kitchen Goals 

This might seem simple, but many people forget to start by thinking about what they ideally want out of their kitchen remodel. What is your dream kitchen? What does it include and exclude? What would you be able to comfortably cook and do? 

Now, think about what elements of that kitchen are likely feasible in the space of your Milwaukee home. In other words, what does your current kitchen’s footprint allow for? Of course, some things may have to b

e scrapped from your dream list, but maybe not as much as you might think. 

So, when you initially work with a contractor, don’t be afraid to bring up some of the goals you’re not sure about. They will help you determine what can and cannot be done, but that process will always work best if you already have ideas about what you want. 

What if you don’t have a dream kitchen and are not sure where to start? Here are a couple of options:

  • Explore Pinterest and other sites for inspiration.
  • Take a needs-based approach.
    • Focus on what needs fixing or is no longer serving your needs. Because Milwaukee has many older homes, you may find that your kitchen is not up to current standards in terms of safety and functionality. 
  • Discuss options with a designer.

Your Budget

Once you’ve determined some of your main goals for your kitchen remodel, you will want to turn a practical eye on your budget. The first step is simply deciding how much you can and want to spend on the overall project. You’ll want to factor in estimates on materials, labor, and new appliances. 

It is helpful to know how the average kitchen remodeling expenses break down by percentage: 

milwaukee kitchen remodel S 92nd Street

  • Cabinets: 35% of total budget
  • Labor: 20% of total budget
  • Appliances: 20% of total budget
  • Windows: 10% of total budget
  • Fixtures: 5% of total budget
  • Fittings: 3% of total budget
  • Other/miscellaneous: 7% of total budget

However, the best budget insight will be your contractor’s quote, so consider setting up that process earlier rather than later. You can contact Compass Construction today to discuss your project needs and set up a time for an assessment and quote. 

Hiring a Contractor 

People often want to take on remodeling projects on their own. But, no matter how much of a pioneering spirit or experience you might have, the demands of a kitchen remodel can quickly balloon beyond your expectations. 

Hiring a contractor will ensure that your project is in the hands of experts who will be paid to make sure everything gets done and cleaned up! Rest assured though: A good contractor will work with you to meet your kitchen needs and goals. 

When you are ready to contact a contractor for your Milwaukee kitchen remodeling project, take time to prepare a few questions to ask: 

  • Cost. What is the overall quote for the project from beginning to end? What does that include? 
  • Time frame. How long is the project likely to take? Can they guarantee a specific completion date? 
  • Disruption. What time of day will workers be in the house? How much noise is likely? 

We Provide Milwaukee Kitchen Remodeling 

In addition to the above considerations, Milwaukee homes, many of which are on the older side, come with their own specific needs. Because you want to ensure your contractor is familiar with local building codes and the common particularities of the region’s homes, it is beneficial to hire locally.   

For all your Milwaukee kitchen remodeling needs and to arrange a quote, contact Compass Construction today.