Step 1: Initial Consultation

  • In this first meeting, we will come to your property to gather information about your project. The Owner will walk us through their vision for the project, including the Needs and the Wants, while we ask questions to ensure a full understanding of the work required. While at the property we will take photos and measurements for use developing an estimate.

Step 2: The Estimate

  • We will take the info we gathered during the initial consultation and create an estimate for your project. This estimate will have some assumptions about materials, layout and design details to get to a final estimated cost.
  • The Owner reviews the estimate and advises if any adjustments are needed. Once the Owner is happy with the estimate, we move to Step 3.

Step 3: Design & Planning

  • You’ve decided to work with Compass, and it’s time to start the detailed design and planning work. This starts with a second consultation at the property where the owner will meet our Project Manager and designer (if applicable) to get into the details of the project. This is when we would collect the “Design & Planning Fee” which is outlined on the estimate. This fee is ultimately credited towards the overall project cost.
  • The Project Manager will begin scheduling walkthroughs with key subcontractors to investigate and plan for construction to start.
  • If we are involving the Designer, they will begin drawing up your plans and/or curating options for fixtures and finishes for the owner to approve.
  • We will turn over any finish schedules and drawings to the Owner for final approval. Once approved, it’s time for Step 4!

Step 4: Construction

  • The construction area has been cleared of any personal belongings, and it’s time for construction to start!
  • The Project Manager will be the main point of contact throughout the construction process. They will work closely with the Owners to schedule the work and ensure a quality product is being delivered every step of the way.
  • If anything unforeseen comes up, the Project Manager will notify the Owner right away and begin planning the solution with the Owner’s input.
  • Once the work is completed, the Project Manager will walk through the final product with the Owners to ensure 100% satisfaction with the work.

Step 5: Enjoy

  • The work is done and you’re loving your new space. Time to kick back and relax!