The Compass Construction System

Phase 1: Qualification

  • Our new clients complete New Client Questionnaire and schedules a virtualconsultation with the Sales Manager to discuss the project goals and establish an agreed upon target budget.
  • If the project is a good fit for the client and our team then we schedule the in-home consultation.

Phase 2: In-Home Consultation & Detailed Estimate

  • Our estimator will meet the you in your home to discuss the program requirements (what goes where) and take all of the needed measurements.
  • The estimator will take the information for the in-home consultation and create a detailed estimate that includes a detailed scope of work and a cost breakout including over 40 different cost categories for the Client to review.

Phase 3: Estimate Review Meeting

  • Compass will schedule an Estimate Review Meeting where our team will present the detailed estimate and get feedback from you on any changes that are required. Our Estimator will make revisions if needed after this time.
  • If acceptable, the you will approve the preliminary estimate which kicks off the Design & Planning Phase.

Phase 4: Preconstruction & Design

  • Once the preliminary estimate has been accepted we schedule the Preconstruction Kickoff Meeting where the Estimator, Project Manager, and Designer meet for another in-home meeting to review the estimate again and begin the initial design discussions and construction planning.
  • After this meeting, the designer will begin curating and presenting design options for the project in the form of sharing information via email and developing digital “mood” boards when required. The designer will track all material and fixture selection on our Compass Design Matrix.
  • If a permit is required, the designer will draft plans as needed for permit submission.
  • When possible, the designer will draft detailed design plans for individual rooms for your review of the design.
  • The duration of this process varies depending on the complexity of the project and the number of changes requested by the client but most projects take a couple months to complete the design.
  • As major design decisions are made or if different options require pricing, the Estimator will provide periodic pricing and budget updates during the design process.
  • When final design is completed, the Estimator will provide a final project estimate incorporating everything in the design for your approval.

Phase 5: Construction

  • The design is complete, you have approved the final budget, and we have approval on any of our permits so it’s time to build!
  • Construction begins with the Construction Kickoff Meeting where the Estimator, Project Manager, Designer, and Lead Carpenter assigned to your project meet at the property again to review the final scope, design, and plan for the first day of construction (typically within a couple days of this meeting).

Phase 6: Punchlist

  • Once construction is complete or nearing completion, the Project Manager will meet you at the project and do a full walkthrough looking for any finishing touches that are needed to ensure you are 100% happy with the final product. The Project Manager will create the “punchlist” of any final details that need to be addressed before the project is complete.