We specialize in residential projects that require coordinating multiple trades (plumbers, carpenters, electricians, etc.) and management of local building inspectors/permit desks. We can do projects ranging from modest remodels with tight budgets to elaborate projects requiring custom work with the utmost attention to detail. Our services adapt to the needs of each client.

Start by figuring out what work you want completed. Write down a list of “must have” project outcomes as well as things that would be “nice to have”. This is what we call the “Scope of Work”. Then you’ll want to have a budget in mind when you request a contractor estimate. Sometimes it is easiest to have a range in my that you would be comfortable with. This will be the starting point for aligning the project scope and budget once you contact Compass.

After you contact Compass, we will gather some basic information about your project and schedule a meeting at your home to walk through the project. If the homeowner knows exactly what they want, we will be able to create a detailed scope of work that will in turn be used to create a quote for the project. If you’re not sure exactly what you want, that’s okay! We will discuss your needs and wants which we will use to create an estimate or budget as a starting point. After that, we will meet again to work on further developing your project details based on the budget to ultimately allow our team to quote the project.

Be explicit about what you want included in the project. If you don’t tell us, we won’t know you want it. It’s always best to make sure that all specific scope items are included in the writing in the contract before the project starts. This ensures that both you and Compass have a mutual understanding of what is included in the project.